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Emergency Burst Pipes and Water Leak Repairs

Pipes are a vital part of your house and can cause major damage if not fixed promptly. Our plumbers at Tap and Drain Dr NT specialise in burst pipes and are available 24/7 to make sure that your home is not at risk of damages caused by a burst pipe or risk of high water bills. If you have a burst pipe OR a water leak, give us a call now!

Signs Of A Burst Or Leaking Pipe

Sometimes a burst pipe or a water leak will be obvious, however have you ever received a high water bill and are unsure why? This could be a burst pipe located within the vicinity of your property. These are the signs that you have a burst pipe:

Hole in a wall with water gushing through from a burst pipe
Underground burst pipe

❌ High water bill
❌ Metre ticking over when fixtures are not in use
❌ Dry season – Green patches of grass where area’s are not irrigated
❌ Overly moist areas of the yard

❌ Water seeping from walls, floors, or roofs
❌ Stains or mould appearing on walls
❌ Low water pressure
❌ Sounds of running water
❌ Damp or musky smells

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Common Questions

A burst pipe can occur for many reasons . Burst pipes are often an emergency and require rectification immediately, here are some of the most common causes for burst pipes:

Movement of pipes

Ceiling Spaces & gyprock walls – If pipes are not adequately secured in the ceiling space or within the walls, this movement, over time, will cause the pipes to move and rub on the clips that are in place, the metal foundations or the walls themselves and this will often result in pin hole leaks or splits in pipework.

Block work walls – Pipework that is within the vicinity of a block work wall, often should be lagged, however if not done, this causes the pipes to expand and contract and with common earth movement will rub on the concrete, slowly creating pin hole leaks and burst pipes to inevitably occur.

Water pressure problem

It is important to have an appropriate water pressure to avoid the risk of burst pipes. If the pressure increases, the pipes will often be compromised and unable to handle the pressure, causing a split in the pipe to occur. Water pressure issues can often be caused by pressure valves failing, planned maintenance works on council sides. We have specialised pressure gauges to test the water pressure on site and give you a guarantee that your houses pressure is not more than 60 PSI.

Product Age

If your property has old pipework, old flexible hoses in place, it is possible that you will encounter a burst pipe. Burst pipes due to old pipework & old flexible hoses are one of the most common causes for burst pipes in domestic and commercial properties. Flexible houses account for more than 20% of burst pipes within Australia and are often referred to the “ticking time bombs” in the plumbing industry.

Our best recommendation to ensure that you are avoiding flexible hoses to burst is to upgrade and change them over every 3-5 years. If you have a burst pipe elsewhere in your house and the cause is the age of the pipework, we recommend to replace the entire line is possible, either through a redirection or direct replacement where the original pipe is located.

There are preventative steps that will help you avoid the chance of having to repair or replace a broken pipe. But when disaster strikes these are the steps to take:

 Turn off your water main

Firstly, turn off your water directly at the metre, if you are unsure of where your metre is located it is often at the front left or rights corners of the property, sometimes it will be a garden bed or in a box in the ground.

If caused by a Tap – Drain the tap

Once the water supply has been switched off, open your faucet to pour the remaining cold water from the system (e.g. flushing your toilet twice). It will also overcome the possibility of leftover water inside the pipe.

If caused by a HWS Bursting

Turn off your water boiler first at the mains switch board, if you are unable to do this call a plumber immediately. Do not isolate or touch the HWS unless power has been isolated first. After this is done, isolate the HWS directly & await the plumber to arrive.

If water is coming through the ceiling

If you are worried about your ceiling collapsing, put a small hole in the ceiling with a screw driver to relieve the pressure of the water in the ceiling space, reducing the risk of the ceiling collapsing, then place a bucket underneath where the leak is dripping.

Clean up the mess

If you’re fortunate enough to know where the water is coming from, start cleaning up excess water to reduce potential damage and stop potential mould growth, wood swelling, gyprock being further damage etc.

Relax and call us

Insurance Claims

If you have home insurance, we highly recommend starting to make a claim once you suspect a burst pipe has occurred & review your PDS to check what you are covered for. Tap & Drain Doctor can rectify works from start to finish, including ALL reinstatement and provide a complete detailed insurance report with the appropriate breakdowns to ensure you will be reimbursed based on your policy. We work closely with Southern & Local insurance companies to ensure that the best quality work is always performed.

Don't Wait For A Disaster

If the pipes in your have burst , it could lead to high water bills, expensive rectification and clean up. You can avoid this by calling Tap and Drain Dr NT!

If disaster has already struck, don’t stress and call our 24/7 plumbing emergency number and we will be there in no time. No matter if you’re in Darwin, Palmerston, or even Katherine.

Donna Black
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"Cody attended my property to fix a water main leak. He was on time, friendly and very efficient. He explained what needed to be done and how long it would take. I have always had great service from Tap & Drain Dr NT and will continue to use their services. They provide a top service at a reasonable price. Very happy customer!"
Raelke Grimmer
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"Excellent to deal with and very professional. We were very happy with the level of service from both the administration staff and the plumbers who came to locate and fix a leaking pipe. Highly recommend."
Kylie Buckler
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"I had a broken vanity tap that was hard to turn and wouldn't turn off completely. They were knowledgeable and able to give me the best, cheapest option to suit my needs (have plans to renovate soon). Taps were replaced with no issues. Prompt and professional."
Andrew Eastick
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"I have a rented property in Durack. Prompt attention to plumbing issues is important in retaining good tenants. I have consistently use Tap & Drain Dr NT for the nine years the property has been tenanted, and I and my tenants have enjoyed prompt attention each and every time it was required. Tap % Drain Dr NT come highly recommended by me."
Andrew Eastick
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"I have a rented property in Durack. Prompt attention to plumbing issues is important in retaining good tenants. I have consistently use Tap & Drain Dr NT for the nine years the property has been tenanted, and I and my tenants have enjoyed prompt attention each and every time it was required. Tap % Drain Dr NT come highly recommended by me."

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